The Future is Electric

Fully electric, high performance vehicles

Sustainability doesn't just drive our products, it drives us

We are a competitive design team in the UW College of Engineering that is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and racing a zero-emission electric motorcycle. Our goal has and always will be to provide students with the opportunity to apply classroom theory to real world problems. In doing so, we aim to foster the next generation of engineers and leaders by equipping them with the technical acumen necessary to excel in their future endeavors.  

We also strive to be an institution that improves upon the world as we know it by creating positive impact through propelling the widespread adoption of zero emissions transport. In short, sustainability drives us, and not just our products - it is the core value of our organization.  

Collectively, our organization is committed towards empowering the UW community with the hands-on skills necessary to excel in the workplace, while also accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The exceptional engineers and students that make up Washington Superbike are dedicated towards making this organization a long-term success.

Great Work Followed by Great Careers

Developing the Next Generation of Engineers, Innovators, and Changemakers

At Washington Superbike our members have access to resources to advance their careers that simply aren't available to those outside of our organization. This includes exclusive recruiting events, access to our team resume book, our vast alumni network, and many more. Our seniors boast a 100% post graduation employment rate. Below are the three most popular companies where our members go on to intern, work full time, and carry on our team's legacy.

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