Who We Are

A team of students committed to making a difference

We are a competitive engineering team at the University of Washington dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and racing a zero emissions fully electric motorcycle. Our mission is to equip our members with the technical and administrative acumen necessary to accelerate the advent and widespread adoption of clean, sustainable energy sources.

Driven by the racing spirit we aim to represent UW at the AHRMA Formula Lightning competition, in addition to ushering in a new era of mobility by creating positive, sustainable impact.

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Team Structure

Our Culture

At Washington Superbike we focus on giving members the opportunity to build great products while gaining valuable hands on experience. With the scale of our projects we create a fast paced work environment that allows us to achieve the velocity necessary to unblock high priority initiatives and achieve our goals. We also focus on fostering a sense of community between members through quarterly BBQs, biannual retreats, and many more events. Simply put, we want our members to not just enjoy the work they do, but the people they work with.

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